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. . . The bakery

Forno Cennini ieri


Forno Cennini oggi

Our company boasts ancient traditions handed down from six generations of Cennini, who carried out the work started by the founder Gerardo Cennini in the first half of ‘800.
Of course, the bakery has evolved over time, while maintaining its characteristic of artisan producer, and continuing to mind especially the choice of raw materials and processing methods, all rigorously handmade.



The founders of the company in its current form were Agostino Cennini and his son Marcello and Roberto who, at the end of the ‘60s, resumed and renewed the eterprise previously managed by Aunt Leontina. Today the daughters, with the help of their husbands Rino, David and Enrico, have continued the tradition of their fathers, jealously guarding the ancient recipes of the bakery, now offered to you with all their genuineness.

The new site of the bakery is OnLine !

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Try the new cantuccini chocolate.

Every friday we prepare our delicious apple pie and our cake with chocolate drops, also in small size.